How many books do you have?
I have about 250 books in my book shelf and this does not include the comics.

Being a tech savvy guy, why do you still have physical books?
That’s a good question. While logic says that digital books are the way to go, my heart still has strings attached to the physical books. Besides, I’m opening up my private library to all my colleagues in my office and its so much more easier to do this with physical books.

Can I borrow a few of your books?
Yes, if you agree to two of my conditions. First, you must be willing to barter. You can take my books as long as you are willing to share yours. Fair, right? Second, you must return the books you take and I will do likewise.

I love your book shelf. How much did it cost making it?
Oh, isn’t she a beauty! The book shelf costed me Rs.9000 in all. I had the fortune of hiring a very talented carpenter. All I showed him was a picture of a similar library once on my iPad and he made a mental copy of it in his mind. Five days later, the book shelf was ready to occupy. Brilliant piece of work.

I want a similar book shelf made. Can I have the carpenter’s phone number?
Strangely enough, after he finished work on the book shelf, I never saw him again. Lost touch with him. However, I found another awesome carpenter in Chennai who does really good work. He has done lots of work for my home. His name is Murugan and his phone number is 09840561102. Refer my name.

Your books collection is impressive. Since how long have you been collecting them?
Oh, not too long ago. About 4 years or so. I started to really respect books only after I started authoring my own books. I understood what kind of efforts that goes into to producing a book and started to give them their due respect.

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