18 Jul 2007

Rajan Talks About MobileMondays

Rajan helped cofound the Bangalore chapter of MobileMondays. He is passionate about mobile technologies, and that passion has led him to co-found a mobile media startup company called Motvik.

In this episode, Rajan talks about the history of Mobile Mondays and how this global concept was born. He also talks about what happens during MobileMonday meetings. And, finally, why Monday of all days?!

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17 Jul 2007

KB Chandrasekhar, Global IT Entrepreneur

K.B. Chandrasekhar (”Chandra”) is co-founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Jamcracker. His career as a high-technology entrepreneur has spanned Exodus Communications, Fouress Inc., Rolta India, Ltd and Wipro.

He is also the co-founder and chairman of the board of e4e, Inc., a global technology holding company. Serving since 1998 on the board of directors for Aztec Software and Technology Services Limited, a publicly-traded company in the Bombay Stock Exchange, Chandra was appointed chairman in 2004.

He is actively involved in assisting entrepreneurs and is currently associated with more than 20 investment projects. In 1994, Chandra identified the potential of the Internet and founded Exodus Communications. The company went public in March of 1998 in one of the most successful IPO’s of 1998, and in 1999 Chandra was honored as the Ernst & Young Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year.

Chandra started his first entrepreneurial venture in 1992 with Fouress, Inc., a network software design and development firm with clients including Sun Microsystems, Adaptec, Toshiba, and Lockheed. Within two years, Fouress was a highly profitable company with sales of $1 million per year.

In 1990, Chandra moved to the United States as country manager for Rolta India, Ltd., where he was responsible for business development, marketing, and software consulting services. Chandra began his career in 1983 at Wipro, an Indian information technology company, as a customer support engineer. During his seven years with the company, he advanced through various sales, marketing, and support functions including building highly available networks for satellite applications and managing marketing for its European clients.

Chandra was born and raised in Chennai, India and holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Anna University.

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13 Jul 2007

Jamison Young on How Musicians Can Benefit From Creative Commons

Jamison Young is a full-time artist who has refused to sign up with big record labels. Instead, he believes in giving away his music for free using Creative Commons, and that has surprisingly helped him sell more records. Now, this may sound contradictory but Jamison says that by giving away your music for free downloads, it vastly increases the number of people who listen to your music and they in turn refer to their friends. This spreads word about the album and quite a few of them buy the album off the store shelves. This is actually a good technique to give a fighting chance against the most established artists.

Jamison has written, sung, produced and marketed his own album, called Shifting Sands of the Blue Car, the music for which is freely available for download on his website and at MySpace.

Jamison is an Australian now living Europe. Over the past year, he has performed in Australia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Thailand, Switzerland and the U.S.

Jamison launched a new project called Hungry Artists Feed Hungry People, with portion of the sales proceeds going to help poor people in third world countries.

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11 Jul 2007

Cory Doctorow, on BoingBoing and the EFF

Cory Doctorow is a popular science fiction author and co-editor of the high-profile blog, BoingBoing. His novels are given away for free on the Internet as Creative Commons-licensed downloads. They can be freely shared, and in some cases, remixed or translated and sold in developing countries. Perhaps surprisingly, this has led to good sales in the real world.

He is former Director of European Affairs for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a technology advocacy nonprofit that works to upload liberty in technology law, policy and standards.

He describes himself as “an activist, a writer, a blogger, a public speaker, and a technology person”.

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05 Jul 2007

How is Creative Commons Different From iCommons

Dr. Ronaldo Lemos is the director of the Creative Commons Brazil and a member of the Board of iCommons, which makes him the right candidate to explain the differenes between the two organizations.

He is the director of the Center for Technology and Society at the FGV School of Law in Rio, Brazil. He is also the head professor of Intellectual Property law at the same school.

He is one of the founders of Overmundo, the largest Web 2.0 iniative in Brazil. He has earned his LL.B. and LL.D. from the University of Sao Paulo, and his LL.M. from Harvard Law School.

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