15 Mar 2007

In Conversation J.Murali, Technology Columnist for The Hindu

J.Murali contributes the popular weekly column “NetSpeak” for The Hindu newspaper, where he covers the latest trends and services in the online world. The column has appeared continuously for seven years and is an important information source read for many IT professionals.

Despite his column’s popularity, many readers don’t know about Murali as a person. In this conversation, Murali talks about how he came to write his column, what he writes about and a little bit about his personal interests.

J.Murali is currently the head of the computing department at The Centre for Development Studies at Trivandrum, Kerala.

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09 Feb 2007

Vijay Shekhar of One97 on Mobile VAS Market in India

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the managing director of One97, a mobile value-added services company. One97 has many firsts to its credit, including India’s first short code sms service, 3030.

Vijay talks about how they started, the various offerings of One97, impact of 3G and the overall VAS market in India among other things.

The company offered an innovative business model of revenue share in mobile VAS services. This was a landmark decision, not only for One97, but also brought about changes in the entire VAS business model and helped the category grow immensely.

One97 currently comprises a staff of 125 people with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.


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24 Jan 2007

Oracle’s Amit Pande On Usability in Indian IT Industry

Amit Pande manages Oracle’s user experience practice in Bangalore. This practice defines the user experience of Oracle’s Applications Unlimited and Fusion product lines and provides comprehensive interaction design, usability engineering, and user interface and HCI research for Oracle’s enterprise applications.

Amit talks about how usability is picking up among Indian companies, what it takes to set up a usability design lab and payscales among other things.

Prior to working with Oracle, Amit started PeopleSoft’s user experience operations in India in 2004.

Amit graduated from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and also holds an undergrad degree in engineering from the National Institute of Technology (formerly MNREC), Allahabad, India.

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14 Dec 2006

Get started in Mobile Blogging with Jace, India’s First MoBlogger

If there is such a huge growth in mobile phones, how come there are so few mobile blogs around? How difficult or easy is mobile blogging and how does one become a mobile blogger? Jace a.k.a Kiran Jonnalagadda is one of India’s earliest mobile bloggers and his moblog is one of the most active ones around.

Jace is an information architect, designing web applications and community spaces.

He speaks with Kiruba about various issues related to mobile blogging, discussing some very useful tips for folks who are interested in getting started with this new medium.

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07 Dec 2006

Jay Fichialos on Hack Days

Hack Days seems to be the in-thing amongst developers. The 24-hour coding challenge has caught the fancy of the tech community which is looking for various ways to make work more interesting.

Barely a few weeks after Yahoo conducted its much publicized public Hack Day, Sabre Labs is holding one for its employees here in India. Jay Fichialos flew in from the U.S. to India to help coordinate the hack day at Sabre’s Bangalore office.

Jay Fichialos is a community and technology liaison for Sabre Labs, in Southlake, Texas, where he leads research on where online communities and travel intersect. Most recently he has been guiding the development of a social networking site for travelers, and promoting Hack Day innovation events at Sabre.

Jay’s professional interests include information visualization, designing for experience, and social change through technology. He’s an avid supporter of the BarCamp movement, and has helped organize a number of the events.

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