Here are the questions I have preempted. If you have a different question, please do not hesitate to write to me at Kiruba@Kiruba.com.

Where do you source all the records from?

Most of the records have been from Antique shops in Moore Market in Chennai. Its right next to the Central Railway station. I hand picked each of the records from the shop on the ground floor owned by an elderly gentleman called Appadurai. He, along with another relative, does a full time business of selling old records.

Are all the records in playing condition?

Not all of them. Some are in decent condition but some are scratched beyond repair. What I valued more were the sleeves or covers and making sure that the records are original.

How did you get started with this habit of collecting records? What has been your inspiration?

It was a chance meeting with Vishu Kaliappa at Yercaud that whipped up my interest in vintage collection. I had a fascination for it right from my young days but watching him transform a dilapidated 1860s building into an astoundingly beautiful heritage hotel made a profound impact in me. What truly gave character to the place was the vintage collectibles… old photographs, leopard skins, old lamps, yesteryear furniture etc.  He told me that these were a lifetime collection that came in handy when he wanted to spruce up the place.  I had wanted to revamp my home too and the idea of collecting vintage items tied in beautifully. That’s what sparked the interest in me.

How much do the records cost to buy?

The cost of record varies depending on the sound quality, condition of the sleeve, the year it was manufactured and the artist.  I prefer not to quote the price as I feel it does not do justice to the collection.

I’m a collector myself. Will you be willing to sell some of them to me?

Nope. I don’t intend to sell any records. However, I’m open to exchanges.

What Gramaphone player have you got?

An old remake of ‘His Master’s Voice’.

I know someone who wants to dispose off their old collection. Would you be interested?

A resounding YES. Please do get in touch with me

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