Question & Answer:
1 Has there been a point of time when you have got tired of Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) ? As much as it sounds cliched, good things must be given in small doses, right ?
Absolutely agree. I believe that Social Media is a wonderful communication and idea amplification platform. However, spending too much time online can actually make you dull and unsocial. It's important to have an active real life and nice to stay unplugged sometimes.I have started practicing the habit of not logging onto any social network before 9 am. The early morning time is a time for me to write, think and plan for the day. Not having any online distractions has greatly helped me.
2 Some are news presenters. Some are news makers. You belong to both classes. How did it happen / how does it feel ?
The answer is very simple. Do interesting things that you truly enjoy. Then, take the time to write down the experiences in an interesting manner. I'm a big fan of story telling and taking the readers on a journey along with you.
3 I work for a corporate and i like hosting events,team building etc How do i improve my language and skill, what is your advice to improve this skill ?
It's great to hear your interest in hosting events and team building and kudos for actioning your ideas. A great way to improve yourself as an event host is to carefully look at how other good hosts are doing. I personally believe you can learn a lot just by looking and noting down key ideas. Another way is by grabbing or creating opportunities to organise many events. The more events you organise, the more opportunities you get to practice new ideas and that's how you become very good. Keep working at it deligently and soon you'll start kicking arse.
4 Sir,do you believe in GOD?
Yes, I do. While I'm an Hindu by birth, I love visiting Churches and Mosques in addition to temples. I know that God is just a figment of human imagination but I like the fact that the presence gives you comfort and a reason of hope.
5 How much do you earn a month :) truly an anonymous question
Appreciate the question but I'm keeping money and family off limits here. Cheers.
6 love?
Yes. Fallen in love. Got jilted. Fell in love again. Succeeded. Married!
7 any suggest or tips to freelancer in india?
The only solid tip that I can give any freelancer in India is to build your own personal brand. Its important to instill in the confidence to the prospective clients and they always prefer to work with people who they can trust. Simple things like your personal blog, corporate website, updated portfolios, relevant case studies, genuine testimonials, Linkedin recommendations are easy to ignore but very important when clients do a background check on you.
8 What are the tools (softwares, web apps, gadgets) that you use day to day for pod-casting, working etc ?
For audio podcasting, I use the fabulous Zoom H4n Handy Recorder to record and audacity software to edit. I host my podcasts at Mixcast and will soon host the at For Video podcasts, I use Canon 600d DSLR to record and use Adobe Premier Pro to edit. Host the videos at Vimeo and YouTube. The link is http://www.kiruba.TV.
9 What time management tools do you use? Like any mobile apps, desktop applications, old-fashioned dairy etc., How do you manage your 24 hours on a normal work day? Or do you take one month or one week at a time? How do you do it? You seem to be doing more activities than many people I know (Blog, podcast, books, farming, photography, business, speaking, tweeting, traveling... and many more). So, Just curious?
That's a great question. I don't use any fancy time management tools. Honestly, too lazy to do it. A simple To-Do list works wonders. I try and follow the techniques suggested in the book '18 Minutes' Would strongly recommend this. As for doing many things, I'm a big fan of Derek Sivers' policy of 'Hell Yeah or No'. Only do things that your heart truly loves. The stuff that makes you truly thrilled. The trick is to say NO to things that you only like half-hearted. By saying NO to things, you life will be filled with 'Hell Yeah' moments. Would strongly recommend the book 'Anything You Want' by Derek Sivers. The next best advice I have is to surround yourself with passionate people. Their enthusiasm rubs off on you. Hope this helps.
10 What do you do for a living?
I've been surprised how many people ask me this question. I would have thought its obvious but apparently its not. So, here goes. I run Business Blogging which is a Social Media Consultancy firm where we strategize and execute digital strategies for corporates. I also cofounded F5ive Technologies, an Open Source Web Development Firm. I have gotten back to my family roots of Farming and currently work on my 7 acre farm called Vaksana Farms ( . I have recently gotten into digital books publishing books through my new firm, Verdure Books. Currently I publish my own books so that I eat my own dog biscuit. If it works out fine, will launch this as a service for others.
11 Kiruba, what advice would you give for aspiring authors?
The biggest advice that I would give for any aspiring authors is not to be disappointed when they can’t find a publisher. While its nice to get a publisher, please remember that only a very small percentage of authors do. For the rest, there’s a sea of opportunity to be published and marketed via Amazon’s Kindle Publishing and Apple’s iBooks. You get to be present on two of the biggest book platforms in the World. Once you can prove that your books can sell well, you’d be surprised how easy it is to find a publisher for your second book.
12 Kiruba, I see that you are very interested in cycling. How and when did your tryst with cycling begin?
My earliest interest in cycling started not by looking a Tour de France champion or those BMX Hollywood movies. It’s a 70+ old man in my village, a very wealthy landlord, who would cycle many kilometers to his farm daily. My dad would always praise him and somehow it stuck to me that cycling is the route to success!!
13 There's no info about your educational qualification. Which course did you study? Which college?
I did my Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Instrumntation Enginering. See? I was so bad at it that I can't even spell it right! ;) I graduated from Siddaganga Institute of Technology at Tumkur, about 70kms from Bangalore. The college used to be under Bangalore University then. Loved college life. Can't say the same for the course though.
14 I looked at your projects website. How do you find the time to manage so many things?
The trick to doing many things in life is to enjoy doing each of them. When you enjoy a certain task, you'll find time to do them. If you don't, then you'd find excuses. That said, I have to say that my tastes are fleeting. I keep trying out new hobbies and take on new projects. Hence, it may *look* like I'm doing many things while in reality that may not be so. To see a list of my projects, take a look at