Why this ‘ASK’ section? Isn’t the contact page sufficient for people to send in the questions?
No, its not. I wanted an exclusive section that *encourages* people to send in their questions.

What is the REAL objective of this ‘Ask’ site?
Ah! I noticed the emphasis on the word real! 🙂  There are two objectives.  The first is about my emphasis on generating original content. Answering people’s questions is a good way to do that. The second is its a time saving technique. The questions will help build a very comprehensive repository in the FAQ section and I don’t have to end up answering the same questions again.

Will you answer all the questions asked?
I will honestly try and answer as many questions as possible. However, I can’t guarantee that I will answer all the questions.

What if somebody asks you a really nasty question?
I don’t mind critical questions. Infact, I encourage them. However, questions that are intended to hurt will be given the silent treatment.

Why have you made the question form anonymous? 
This was done deliberately. I wanted people to feel comfortable asking questions. People can always mention their name as part of the question if they want to be identified.

What will be the turn-around time for your answers?
To be on the safe side, I’d say 3 days.  I will however try to answer them as early as possible. So, a heads up to you to be patient.

I would rather ask you questions directly on the phone. Can I do that?
Nah! I don’t prefer phone calls. Questions via email and the ASK form is more efficient. It gives me the liberty to answer the questions at my convenience.

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