Colonial bungalows, with their lush green lawns, wide verandas, high roofs and antique furniture are a treat to the eyes! Their rustic and vintage class are unparalleled. It is almost impossible to look at a magnificent bungalow and not appreciate its charm.  Such brilliant architectural works are an integral part of the colonial history.

However today, they are facing the threat of extinction. Many bungalows are razed to the ground to make way for high-rise buildings, malls, Jacuzzi, multiplexes etc. And in the process, a quintessential part of heritage, tradition and history is being lost too.

This project aims to document details of the existing bungalows so that the future generations can learn about them. By¬†focusing¬†on the beautiful residential bungalows, this global collaborative¬†initiative¬†will include photos, videos and information from individuals from all over the world. The first phase of the project will cover bungalows in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Bangladesh. The findings of the project will be compiled into a coffee table book titled ‘Colonial Bungalows’.

The Book: Colonial Bungalows