Here are answers to a few questions that may be on your mind.

1) What is the project all about?
The project deals with identifying beautiful colonial bungalows, documenting their richness and significance to be published in a book titled ‘Colonial Bungalows’

2) Why are you undertaking this project?
As a child, I have been fascinated by history and I see such bungalows as living testimony to our historic past. The claustrophobic living in cities has drawn me towards the calm and space of bungalows. But to my dismay, such wonderful bungalows are facing the bulldozer. So I see this project as a means to document their existence so that the future generations benefit.

3) How will you get information of bungalows from many countries?
The team working on the project will travel to different places, visiting many bungalows. That apart, we intend to crowdsource the project. Individuals who are interested in the idea can contribute photos, videos, postcards, documentaries etc of bungalows in their own cities or towns.

4) How can I get involved?
You can be a part of the project in many ways. Please follow our Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/ColonialBungalows . If you have any specific queries, please write an email to kiruba@kiruba.com with an appropriate subject. I will get back in touch with you.