Business cards are expression of an individual’s personality. Many first impressions about people’s identities are born from the first look at a business card. It exposes your authority, exhibits your creativity and expounds your individuality. One extraordinary card can set you apart from the rest of the crowd. A powerful business card can do wonders to you and your work.

The scope for experimenting with business cards is immense. The same person could use multiple cards. Fresh perspective can be incorporated while creating each new card. Different kinds of cards can be used for different occasions like corporate events, social get-togethers, friendly meets etc. That way, you could please a CEO with one card and a socialite with another.

Having realised its power, I have set about on a pursuit to collect great business cards that whet my curiosity. Their creative designs, customised contents, and attractive colours arouse my interest. My modest collection comprises of a few cards that stand out. I hope to continue to grow my collection. And once my collection is large enough, I would like to display them along with my other collections.

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