• Why business cards? Business cards can be a very powerful medium to network and expand business. A great business card sets you apart from the rest. So I want to collect such creative cards and create brilliant ones myself.

  • How many cards do you have in your collection now? I have about 5 cards at present. This is just the beginning. I want it to grow much bigger over many years.

  • Are there others who do similar collections? May be. But none that I am aware of.

  • Where do you draw inspiration for your new card ideas? From a sizeable collection of cards, I hope to draw the most creative ideas and implement them in my new cards. Of course, they will be modified to suit individual interests and preferences.

  • How can I help? If you have any creative business cards, or know of people who have such cards, get in touch with me. I would love to take your help!

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