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August 16, 2017
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The art of speaking

Global speaker Fredrik Haren talks about what it means to address a diverse audience

Fredrik Haren, a global professional speaker and an author who specialises in business creativity, has delivered over 2,000 presentations, lectures and workshops in 60 countries across six continents over the last 21 years. The Swede, now settled in Singapore, has a knack for connecting with his diverse audience.

But he wasn’t always a global speaker. “It happened recently; I used to speak in Swedish, in Sweden, for 10 years. When I moved to China I became a Swedish speaker there. But when I moved to Singapore I decided to just be a speaker, not a Swedish one, not a Swedish one in China or a Swedish speaker in Singapore,” he says. Now, he can make everyone laugh and is known as the guy who can speak to anyone in the world.

To listen to what Fredrik has to say about the art of speaking and inspiring others, listen to the blog.

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