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The secret behind a successful juggling act

Ali Vakil talks about how the ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology helps one multi-task with ease

Ali Vakil, Director, Vakil Housing, is a talented man who has perfected the art of multi-tasking without breaking a sweat. Not only does he have his hands in the real estate sector but he also writes Sufi comic books with his brother Arif and teaches at a school. In addition, he is also the Master Trainer at Calm Achiever, where he specialises in training executives on achieving maximum productivity.

When asked how he manages to do so many things successfully, he says, “There’s no secret to it. I take it one step at a time; I realised that if I want to reach my dreams, I have to be more on top of my commitments. At one point I was overwhelmed; I didn’t feel so good about myself or my work, I was a mess. The ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology, popularised by David Allen, helped me here.”

In the podcast, Ali elucidates on how the GTD method helps one be on top of their commitments in a stress-free manner. He lists five actionable things one can do to achieve this: “First, capture and record everything that comes to your mind. Next, clarify what they mean to you. Then, park each one in the appropriate place — if it’s a quick task, do it immediately; if not, make plans to do it later. The fourth step is to take a look at your system regularly — at least once a week — and, once that’s done, prioritise your actions.”

Here’s what else you can learn from the ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology and how you can juggle many things in your life successfully.

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