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January 5, 2017
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February 23, 2017

Try to find passion in your work

Rijn Vogelaar of Superpromoter Academy says businesses should take care of people who love your product

CXO can mean anything — executive, finance, marketing; take your pick. But have you have heard of a Chief Enthusiasm Officer? Well, now you know. Rijn Vogelaar is the Chief Enthusiasm Officer of the Superpromoter Academy.

The academy, according to the founder, is a movement that takes enthusiasm as the fundamental guideline so people and organisations can be changed positively. And who are superpromoters? “Superpromoters are customers and clients who are so enthusiastic about you, that they share their enthusiasm and influence other people. You can call them your ambassadors, bringing in new customers for you. These people are becoming more and more important because the world is becoming more connected,” says Rijn, who is from Netherlands.

But most companies don’t even notice superpromoters. They have negative systems — problem identification and solving — well in place, but positive systems are needed too.

In this podcast, the enthusiasm officer talks about superpromoters and anti-promoters, passion, how he stays happy, how you can find passion in your work and more.

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