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December 21, 2016
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January 20, 2017

‘We won’t use anything in our products that your grandmother wouldn’t’

Quiet and unassuming, PC Mustafa has been building the ID empire

Starting one’s own business is never easy, and PC Mustafa’s case is no different. Mustafa is the CEO of ID Fresh Foods. Hailing from a modest background, Mustafa has worked at several big-name IT companies before he decided to quit his plush IT job to begin his own venture. What started off as a ‘can we solve this problem’ gig, turned into providing idli and dosa batter to the local shops in Bengaluru, where the company is based. Today, iD sells 50,000 kg batter in India and the Gulf.

In this podcast, Mustafa speaks with Kiruba Shankar about the hardships he’s faced in the course of running his own company, having built it from ground up and future hopes for the company. ID, as an idea, was formulated as a fix for a problem at Mustafa’s cousin’s shop. That then grew to them providing batter to all shops in their locality in Bengaluru. “It took us almost nine months sell an average of 100 packets a day. That’s an average of five packets per store,” Mustafa said.

In a chat with him on the sidelines of the Techspectations event at Kochi, he recounts his journey building ID Fresh Foods and his hopes for the company’s future.

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