Rajini Reddy

This book on “Creative Commons” authored by Kiruba Shankar, is a very unique and informative book and the first one of its kind that I have come across.

Starting from defining what is Creative Commons(CC) and how it is committed to increasing the range of creative works to the public at no cost. At the same time CC issues copy-right licenses for free to public that allow them to use, share and build upon legally  without requesting for permissions, all the time ensuring that  the author is given due credit for his creation.
The chapters include Types of copyrights licenses, CC in education, culture and science, Benefits of CC with logical organization of chapters supported by Interviews & FAQ’s.This highly structured book explains how even an amateur creator could use “Creative Commons” as a platform to place his content in the global platform. Kiruba Shankar has brought about an explanation for a long time issue like Copyrights and its use in the changing times that can create value for both the creator and the user, through this book.

The book has a versatile coverage of topics with simple language and clear presentation. It is a must read for all, especially for those who wish to popularise their innovations by sharing  and also for those who wish to build upon or use these innovations by giving due credit to the one who has created it.

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