Welcome to be a part of our book Copy Right & Left: Understanding Creative Commons. We will so grateful in receiving your contribution but before that we would request you to agree with the below mentioned simple terms and also fill the required particulars and there you go… You can share anything relating to the subject and make this book a better one.

1. The language and contents of the work you contribute shall not be libel or slander any other party.

2. You (Contributor) shall grant the Publisher the rights to reproduce the Work in digital and traditional print formats (i.e. book, serial, magazine, audio book etc)

3. You are entitled to promote the book and help drive interest and sales in the days following the book’s launch, including:

a)      Authoring a blog post about the book (if you own/contribute to a blog)

b)      Promoting the book and your contribution using social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

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