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Cerebrate is an invite-only gathering of passionate achievers from different fields. People meet at an offsite location for a few days of togetherness, ideating and sharing knowledge. These are folks from Law, Movies, Technology, Theatre, Sports, Management, Photography, Medicine, Journalism, Music…. The only connecting factor amongst the participants is their quest for excellence and passion for life.

Unlike a traditional conference, there will be no audience. Everyone participates in active discussions. Participants bring their ideas, enthusiasm, sense of humour and experiences to share with the rest of the team. They share their dreams, successes, failures, challenges. Cerebrate is all about enriching oneself with inspiring life lessons from each other.

How would it be to cut yourself off the world – forget deadlines, bury the watch, turn off the cellphones and time bonding with some of the best minds? Many who have attended these events have said its been amongst their best experiences.

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