You can contribute to the book in many ways.

Are you a published author?

That’s great.  We would love to have you share your writing experience. Just answer this simple question. “What is the best writing tip that has worked very well for you?”  Please send it to and it stands a chance of getting featured in the book.

 Do you know a published author personally? 

If yes, kindly request you to help connect us to the author. We are constantly looking for writing tips and we would be happy to feature his/her tips in this website and hopefully have it included in the book too.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Well, who isn’t, right?!  You can help spread the word about this book in your network. It’ll help people who are contemplating writing their own book.  You can use these microwave-friendly, ready-to-post updates.

Thinking of authoring your book? This book can come in very handy for you.

Excellent advice from bestselling authors for those wanting to author their first book.

Want to be a better writer? Here are some very nifty tips from successful authors.

Want to review this book?

We love you already!  We would be happy to send across a soft copy of this book for you to read. All we request you to do is post your honest opinion on your blog, website or Facebook.  Please send an email to Kiruba @ with the subject line ‘Request to Review’.

Are you a Journalist?

I’d be happy to chat with you on how to help wannabe authors realize their dream of authoring their first book.  This will make for a very useful story. Feel free to call me on +91.9841597744 or email me at Kiruba @

 Can you help proof-read this book?

No matter how many times I re-read the manuscript, there’s always an error that creeps in.  A fresh set of eyes can capture mistakes more easily. If you can help spot errors and let us know, I’d be very grateful.  We can help send across a full version of the book as soft-copy for you to read. Please send us an email with the subject line ‘Proofreading” to Kiruba @  Thanks in advance.

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