What is the cost of the book?
The paperback costs Rs.199. The Kindle version costs Rs.185 ($2.99)

Where can I buy the book from?
Currently you can pre-order via PayPal. My Paypal id is ‘Kiruba @ Kiruba.com’. Both the paperback and the Kindle version will be soon be available on Amazon.com. The launch date for Kindle version is 6th April 2015.

I would like to buy the book in bulk. Do you provide discounts?
Yes, we encourage bulk buying and the discounts are generous.

  • For 10 copies and above, discount of 20%
  • For 50 copies and above, discount of 30%
  • For 100 copies and above, discount of 50%

We are a publisher and interested in publishing this book. Would you be game?
Yes, I would be interested in discussing the possibilities. I can be reached at Kiruba @ Kiruba.com or 09841597744.

We are a distributor and would like to distribute this book across the country. Interested?
Definitely yes. I have been looking for a good distributor and would be keen to take our discussion forward. My mobile number is 09841597744 and my email is Kiruba @ Kiruba.com

I’m a published author and I have a writing tip to share.
That is great. We are constantly looking for tips on what has really worked for you. Please send us your writing tip to Kiruba @ Kiruba.com along with your brief profile, your photograph and links to your website or Facebook URL.

Is there a Facebook page for this book?
Nope. Did not create it consciously. I have only so much bandwidth to manage multiple pages. The book however has its own website. http://www.kiruba.com/firstbook/

What motivated you to author this book?
I struggled for 9 years before I could bring out my first book. It was a long frustrating journey. I learned a lot during my journey of publishing my 5 books. It was then I decided to learn all the lessons along the way and pass it on to anyone who wants to publish a book. That thought has expanded to including advice from bestselling authors worldwide.

Do you provide professional consulting for individuals? I’m ready to pay.
You had my attention at ‘ready to pay’ !! 🙂 I do consult individuals but be warned that my charges are steep. My time is limited and hence I’m very choosy about who I choose to consult. For those who can’t afford my personalized consulting, I would recommend you attend the Authoring workshops that I conduct.

We would like to invite you to our college to talk about this subject.
Sure, happy to oblige and I love talking on the subject. Before inviting me, please spend a minute reading to read the checklist and the advantages of inviting me to speak at your place.

How do you balance between a full-time consulting, having a family and being an author? How do you find the time?
Simple. Marry a very understanding and supportive wife! 🙂 Am not kidding. Besides this, I only do things that I’m personally passionate and excited about. That’s the secret.

I’m currently writing a book. Can I send you my manuscript for you to read and let me know your opinion?
Sorry. I would love to help but I simply don’t have the bandwidth.

Why did you choose to self-publish?
To get better flexibility. I did have two of my books published by real-world publishers and I noticed that they brings very little value in terms of marketing or distribution. Besides, I enjoyed being involved hands-on in every process of book creation and it gave me lots of satisfaction and experience.

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