About this Book

This is a book that has very effective writing tips from global best-selling authors who have been there and done that. It’s a compilation of the best advice on writing from authors who have cumulatively sold millions of books. These are practical advice that you can instantly pick up and apply to your work. This book has easy-to-read chapters. You can flip randomly to any page and you’ll find great advice that’s useful.

The Story Behind the Birth of this Book

Do you know what’s the hardest part of bringing out a book? Most would say its finding a good publisher. Some would say its the marketing part. But the hard truth is that its the writing part! That’s right. Its the content, the most crucial part of the book, that’s the hardest.

‘I Want to Author a Book’ is among the top of the ‘Bucket-list’ for many people. Yet, very few go on to accomplish the goal of publishing a book. I faced that problem. For nine consecutive years, I failed as an author until I took advice from a wise old man. That one meeting helped me overcome my hurdles and now I’ve got five books in my kitty.

It was this experience, that motivated me to compile this book together and to organize the Book Authoring Workshop (for first time authors) and the ‘Writers’ Retreat’ for published authors.

The Person Behind this Book

My name is Kiruba Shankar, a digital entrepreneur, professor and farmer.  What’s more relevant here is that I’ve struggled for many years to finish my first book. After following the advice of many authors, its paved the way for me to author five books. This gives me the experience to share with you my learning and advice from successful authors.

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