To understand why I started working on this book, we must travel back a few years. About a decade ago, I took up rowing as a sport. I captained the Sify Rowing Team where we competed at the Merchants & Bankers Regatta at Madras Boat Club. We came up against stiff competition and overcame all that to win a record-breaking 4 championship titles. That rowing stint alone taught me more about life, team work, motivation and the sheer hunger to succeed more than any college education.

Sports is not just about playing but a highly influential teacher. To me, Olympics has been a huge inspirational force. Its an event I look forward and on that month of the Games, I truly immerse myself and soak up life lessons.

This book is a fruit of years of passionately following the games. Its consists of the most inspiring life-lessons that we can learn from Olympians to succeed in our lives. I have dug deep and looked for amazing acts of grit, perseverance, sportsmanship, overcoming failures, goal setting and execution.

To me, this book is just a by-product. Its the perfect excuse I needed to research deep into Olympic history and learn from the amazing sports persons. For me, its the journey I wanted to enjoy and learn from. This book is a beautiful bonus!

– Kiruba Shankar

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