S Bakia Lakshmi


Techno-savvy by nature, I graduated in Computer science and started a career in IT. The beauty of graphics captivated me and awakened my dormant creativity. So my focus changed from development to design. I take part in all design activities and work in Business Blogging, brainchild of Kiruba.

Designing has given wings to my imagination and the satisfaction I derive by transforming an abstract imagination into a concrete reality is immense.

Being a multi-tasker, I also handle all the scheduling of meetings, conferences and external events related to us.

As an Executive Assistant to my CEO, Kiruba I come across umpteenth chances to take part in launch events and international workshops.

A firm-believer of ‘Work hard – Party hard’ principle, I involve in several other activities like bike riding, surfing net, reading on various topics and sharing my ideas with my close buddies.

I dream to be an entrepreneur someday and as a designer I will work hard to make that dream into a reality. I’m currently pursuing my masters degree in Business Administration. I reside in Chennai with my family.


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