30 Aug 2007

Prof. Bala on Management Education Challenges

Professor Bala Balachandran is considered one of the top 10 management gurus of Indian origin in the United States. He represents the first wave of Indian scholars who moved to top U.S.-based business schools and have since contributed to the growing recognition of India as a resource for ideas and academic talent. Twenty-six years ago, […]

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22 Aug 2007

Indiaplaza’s Vaitheeswaran on e-Commerce Challenges in India

K Vaitheeswaran is currently the chief operating officer of Indiaplaza, the world’s largest India-centric e-commerce company with operations in Bangalore, Chennai and Austin, Texas. K Vaitheeswaran is a co-founder of www.fabmall.com, the company that pioneered the Indian E-commerce Industry. Since September 1999, he spent all his time and efforts in not only building Fabmall.com into […]

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09 Aug 2007

Sameer, Co-founder of Zook, on Challenges of Mobile Search

Sameer Sisodia is a cofounder of Ziva Software, the makers of Zook, a mobile search service. Its an interesting company that is incubated at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Ziva Software has built the world’s first Mobile Social Answer Engine. The mobile answer engine delivers precise answers to users’ questions and helps users […]

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09 Aug 2007

Ex-Satyam Director Talks About His Startup Funding Experience

GB Prabhat talks about what made him leave his top position as a Director at Satyam, one of India’s biggest software companies, and take the hard route to entrepreneurship. This particular edition will be of special interest to both entrepreneurs and to those who aspire to be one. When he quit Satyam recently, he had […]

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07 Aug 2007

GB Prabhat, CEO of Anantara Solutions, on Second Generation Outsourcing

GB Prabhat helped net in $200 million in revenue when he decided to quit Satyam Computer Services, one of India’s largest software companies. Prabhat left his cushy job to found a startup called Anantara Solutions which received investments of $6.5 million from Helion Venture Partners, Walden International Silicon Valley Bank. His new company focuses on […]

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