25 Jul 2007

CEO of JamCracker Talks About Entrepreneurship Via Research

KB Chandrasekhar helped set up a research centre in 1999 at the Madras Institute of Technology Campus of the Anna University. He infuses $1 million every year into the research centre. It underlined his strong belief in research as a passage to entrepreneurship. The vision of the centre is to become a research institution of […]

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25 Jul 2007

Kallol Borah, Founder & CEO of Aumega Networks

Kallol Borah is the founder and CEO of Aumega Networks, a software infrastructure company with a presence in India, UK and Japan. Aumega Networks licenses software development kits for software-as-a-service computing (SaaS) — especially peer-to-peer software services. The company’s technology enables implementation of application services that are network and device neutral and are more commonly […]

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23 Jul 2007

Sekar Vembu, Founder & CEO of Vembu Technologies

Sekar Vembu is the founder & CEO of Vembu Techologies, a company that focuses on the online storage backup market. Sekar is a serial entrepreneur with over 11 years of experience in the IT industry. He was a co-founder, the CTO and a Business Unit head for AdventNet, a leading player in the network management […]

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22 Jul 2007

Sam Sethi, CEO of BlogNation

Sam Sethi is a London-based technology entrepreneur and consultant. Sam recently launched BlogNation, a worldwide network of blogs focusing on Web 2.0, mobile and enterprise startup space in 22 countries around the world (except the United States). Sam was known in the blogosphere for the good coverage he did at TechCrunch UK. After a public […]

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19 Jul 2007

Proto.in: Showcasing India’s Best Startup Product Companies

Proto.in is a bi-annual event in India that showcases technology start-up companies and innovative products. Organised by The Knowledge Foundation, a national network of entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, the second edition will see participation from 23 startup companies carefully chosen from a list of 120 nominations. Each startup will get exactly 6 minutes of stage […]

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