In General

My Valedictory talk yesterday at Vel Tech Engineering college went off well. Actually very well. The auditorium was full and i could sense, before my speech began, that the crowd had already endured a whole day and were more interested in discussing amongst themselves than the proceedings on the podium. It was almost the end of the function and students from other colleges were busy exchanging their names and email ids. No body really seemed to bother about the previous speakers or the Compere. It was at this time that I was invited over to the podium to make my speech. Sensing the crowd’s mood, I began my speech with a light story, my voice strong and determined to go over the din of the murmers from the crowd. As the seconds passed, I could see the murmers die down, people stop half way in their talks and start to listen to me. 10 seconds into the speech and the silence was deafening…..I knew I had the complete attention of the crowd. My talk was succint and short. When I finished my talk and stepped off the podium, I knew that the applause was sincere and honest.