The term ‘FarmHouse’ is actually an over statement. It’s a small 450 sq.ft studio with an extra 200 sq.ft of mezzanine floor. It’s a place to crash out after slogging out in the fields.

The ideas for the home are heavily inspired by the architecture in Auroville, a place I absolutely love. Read More…



The goal is to collect every single issue ever printed of my favorite comics : Dilbert, Tarzan, MAD, Superman, World War, Amar Chitra Katha, Phantom, Archie, Calvin & Hobbes, Tintin, Asterix & Obelix and Tinkle.

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This is where I get to have conversations with passionate achievers from different fields.

The questions are crowdsourced and its a great platform for people to engage with the achievers. Read More…



The ‘My Mistake’ project is a community blog that aims to ask 100 successful people what their biggest mistake is and what lessons they have learned from it.

Failure isn’t a bad thing. Not learning from it is.Read More…



My earliest interest in cycling started not by looking a Tour de France champion or those BMX Hollywood movies. It’s a 70+ old man in my village, a very wealthy landlord, who would cycle many kilometers to his farm daily.

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Vinyl records are considered among the original storage media that took the world by storm decades ago. Today, even though we have the CD, MP3, DVD, Blue ray, etc., vinyl records continues to charm me.

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UnKick the Bucket


Just the night before the exam, you wish you had spent more days preparing for the exam. Imagine how well you could have aced it.

You are rushing to the airport and it looks like you might miss the flight by just 10 minutes. Read More…



From old grandfather clocks with pendulums to horse carriage wick lamps, from valve radios to century old bellow cameras, you can look at my entire collection of antiques.

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