In General

In keeping with the spirit of AcuteCut‘s Peer to Peer Review Project, I’ve written a review of Mike Bacos’ Blog. Here is what I wrote ….

First, let me make one point clear. While reviewing somebody or something, I’d always prefer to be honest and be a good critic. It’s kind of like a bitter pill…..bitter to swallow, but ultimately good for you. Good, now that I’ve made myself clear ….here I go.

           I’m reviewing Mike Bacos‘ blog at . Mike is a Sales person, a writer & an aspiring actor from Wisconsin.

           My name is Kiruba Shankar from India and I live at .

“Hey, I’ve seen this blog before” . This was my first impression. Then I realised that the blogspot template Mike has used is the same as my friends’. Hence the sudden familiarity. My feeling is that Mike can choose a better template than the one he is currently using.

           I like his writing style. It is personal. He talks about his ambition, his failures, his job hunts straight from his heart. It almost feels like he is talking to you and you quickly start to relate to him. It’s been only two days I’ve been following his blog and I’m beginning to take a liking to him.

           I personally prefer people to have their own domained websites. For example, I’d have prefered Mike to have a site called “” ( it’s available ) instead of the banner ad infested blog spot sub-domain.

           Mike has a penchant for writing relatively long paragraphs which is not too common amongst the blogs. His blogs don’t have meme, which is good. Almost all stuff in his blog are his experiences and thoughts in his mind. Good work Mike, keep on writing.

Reviewed by Kiruba Shankar