In General

I’m BACK ! Yoohoo !! I can’t believe that it’s been over two weeks that I’ve been away from blogdom. No, my absence wasn’t due to the accident. It’s got to do with my server space. A small goofup. Now things are alright and it should be business as usual.

My profound apologies for those who have been regularly checking back and finding a stupid humour site.

During my two week absence I received a whole lots of questions and thought I’d jot some of em’.

1. Hey, are you okay ? Your last blog was about an accident and then you vanish. !!

2. Did you start your own server hosting company called eLakshya ?

3. Why on earth would you be stupid enough to start a humour website ?? Besides, the jokes just suck.

4. How much did you sell the domain for ?!