In General

Rediff’s boss, blogs. Good to see Ajit Balakrishnan. the CEO, latch onto blogging. It clearly shows the commitment to start the Rediff Blog section comes right from the top.

Ok, here come the brickbats. There’s no mention of who Ajit Balakrishnan is anywhere in the Blog. A little self-intro on the right nav would help. When you employ good designers and developers, the least you can do is to use their services to improve your blog’s look. And no 1000 word posts please. The very volume would put people off.

His writings are interesting though. Really shows the personal side of his life which we would’ve never known. It’d be interesting to see if he can stay committed to updating his blog amidst the usual tight schedule of a CEO. Now I guess, people at Rediff can safely blog during work without the fear of getting fired !!