In General

National Seminar on Blogging : My students at Anna University ( I’m a guest faculty here ) are pretty gung-ho about organising a national level seminar on Blogging. It’s been an idea I’d been mulling for a long time. It originated from brainstorming discussions I had with members of the Indian Online Media Forum, specifically with Sankar Narayanan from Indian Express, Dr.Arul Aram from The Hindu and Subhash Rai from Frontline.

The students quickly formed a crack team of core organisers, initiated emails discussions between members and even set up a Blog to jot down the daily developments. After the initial meeting, we froze the date for the seminar for March 29th making sure that the World Cup is done with. The groundwork has just started but knowing the students’ enthusiasm and energy, this first-of-a-kind-seminar will be one to watch out for.