In General

Honky Dory!! : On my way to the office today morning, there was this guy in Hyndai Santro who kept on honking irritatingly. We were in a bumber-to-bumber traffic that was moving agonisingly slowly. There was no way this frantic honking is going to make the traffic move any faster. Infact it only got me more pissed. I turned around, feigned a friendly smile and signaled him to calm down & relax. That didn’t seem to work and he continued his irritating honking. That was the last straw and I decided to teach him a lesson.

I purposedly let him pass me and positioned myself right behind him. For the next 4 kilometers, I followed right behind him and kept on honking the same way he did. He knew I was there to whip his arse but could do nothing about it. I must confess that I had a sadistic pleasure in giving him a taste of his own medicine.