In General

How Yahoo! failed to earn my $30: My mail box kept getting full and i was tired of archiving important mails to my hard disk. On an impulse, I decided to to fork out $30 for a bigger 50MB mailbox at Yahoo! mail so I can put to end to the constant deleting and archiving of mails. I was taken to the payment page and was shocked to find that the only payment option was through a credit card. I looked around for a Paypal button but it wasn’t there. I have been spoiled bad by the simplicty of payment through paypal, so much so that, entering all those cumbersome credit card details now puts me off. I put this purchase decision to the back burner for now

The bottomline is that Yahoo could have easily had my $30 if they had given a paypal option. With 31 million people using paypal, there’s enough reason why they should. What intrigues me is what have they gotto lose by giving payment choices? Beats me.