In General

GMail Testrun :

I log into Blogger and found this invitation to test run GMail and I jumped at the chance. The invite said that I will be given only one opportunity, so I was doubly careful while signing up. Can’t afford to goof up now.

Kiruba[@] is my test mail id. Here’s my first hand report.

The positives


Quick reply box : Right below the message, there is a small box which when clicked on instantly shows the compose box. No need to press the ‘Reply’ button like in Yahoo or Hotmail.

Shows when the mail was received – It shows both the time the message was received (9:17 a.m) as well as how long back it was received ( 22 minutes ago ). Neat.

Amazing single key shortcuts – This feature had me gaping. It just requires a single key press to do a function. For example, just press ‘C’, and the compose box opens up. Cool or what!

Snippets – Just like in Google search results, you have a first few lines of your message shown in the subject line.

Very Fast – It can’t just be the 512 kbps connection at my office. GMail is definitely twice as fast as Yahoo. This could be because of very few users of GMail now.

The Negatives


Ugly looking logo – Doesn’t have Google’s class.

Open in new window – There is this dumb icon which when clicked opens up the same screen in a new window. Don’t know what’s the big deal about it. I found it stupid.

Starred : Performs the same function as Yahoo’s Flag but can’t equal it.

I really wish Google allows private domain email (kiruba[@] to sit on GMail. I definitley won’t mind them running their ads on my mailbox.

To sum up, GMail gets my two thumbs up.