In General

Hey, you simply vanished !! Yeah yeah, I know. And I can’t be more cross with myself. Paid the price for choosing a cheap host. The harddisk apparently crashed taking along with it four years of my postings plus my entire emails.

The site will slowly limp back to normality. Things will look pretty awry, fonts will look bad, the archives will go missing until I iron out things.

Aww man! Why me?! Grrr….

oh! on the positive side…..

1) Celebrated my 4th wedding anniv.

2) Vacationed at Yelagiri hills with family. Lazed around for three days at a fantastic resort.

2) Bought a brand new Digital Camera – the amazing Canon Powershot A75 , 2004 edition.

3) Bought a humoungous amount of hosting space.

Well, silver lining on dark clouds !! 😐