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Saving a tree’s life :

That’s the neem tree at my aunt’s house in Besant Nagar. I spent most of my childhood there. I remember it being a sapling and growing up with it. So it came as a heartbreaking news to me when I was told that the tree had to be cut down. Apparently the neighbors were complaining about the dried leaves falling on their plot causing clog in their drainage. I personally thought that was an absolutely silly reason to cut down a magnificent tree. But my aunty is a very sensitive person and she gives a lot of importance to the feelings of the neighbors.

I protested vehemently. Its an amazing tree and feel very attached to it. It forms a great canopy over the garden. Its absolute bliss sitting under the tree’s cool shade and reading a novel on a hot Sunday afternoon. This is the tree that truly gave character to the house.

Thankfully, my aunt’s son (cousin) who lives in the US also felt the same. We grew up together in the house and I’m not surprised we share the same feelings. As a compromise, only a few branches will be chopped. The tree is saved. And I feel a huge sense of relief !!