In General

8 years is a real long time. Meeting up with friends is a very special occassion. Now add in wives and kids and it becomes super special.

We call this the ‘Halcyon Jam-up’. Halcyon is the successful collegiate cultural festival that we were instrumental in starting in our college. This tradition still continues to this day. We thought its hightime we met up to celebrate the friendship and the memories.

I was pretty surprised to see hardly any differece in the guys even after 8 years. It looked like the guys walked in after a two month vacation from college!! It was great meeting up with wives and kids. We cracked a lot of jokes, pulled each others legs. Had good fun.

This is just the warmup. There is a bigger get-together happening this Friday when people come in from Mumbai and Bangalore. It’s gonna be a stags-only party and obviously, it’s going to a wild-all-nighter!