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Photos of Relief Operations

Amateur Ham Radio operators from Bangalore helping out in Cuddalore.

This is a rare sight. This is a cheque for Rs.1 lakh (around US$2200) from the Chief Minister’s Tsunami relief fund that a lucky recipient has got. The government has announced that Rs.1 lakh to be given to each family who has lost a member. With no proper accountability, I believe this is one gray area for some massive corruption to take place. Let’s hope there is an internationl commitee to oversee the distribution of funds.

This is another thing I hate. One politician visits and there are scores of policemen who tag along. I’m sure the police have other presseing needs rather than just walking along with the Neta. I understand the politicians need protection but do they need a truckload of policemen?

A factory store house in Chennai used to collect clothes.

I heard that sanitary workers were brought in from other districts into Nagapattinam to dispose of the rotten dead bodies. This picture confirms it.

Cranes used to lift boats from land and take them back to the sea.

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