In General

We’re heading to Chidambaram Tonight

Anita, Arun, Joshi, Suman and Chitra have landed up in Chennai from Bangalore. We originally planned to leave for the hamlets near Chennai tomorrow morning. But we changed plans and decided to travel tonight to Chidambaram instead.

We plan to give most of the relief materials to the villages near Chidambaran which have suffered much more damage. Chidambaram is 236 kilometers from Chennai and we are looking at a 5 hour drive. Should be landing there in the wee hours of morning.

We’ve decided to buy fishing nets and sports goods. During my previous journey, we realise that the kids really prefer sports stuff, and it brings them a lot of joy.

We went to the same shop where I had bought nets earlier. Ramesh, who runs the shop suggested to buy the nets at Chidambaram because the nets used by the fishermen there are different. So we’ll buy the nets when we land there tomorrow morning

We’ve purchased ten cricket bats, ten tennis balls, four footballs, four volleyballs, four volleyball nets, and 10 skipping nets.

Right now, the folks are at my home and we are helping ourselves with Pongal eatables. We leave at 7:30. Expect an update on our journey soon.