In General

Gotcha !!!

Got you, didn’t I ?!! It’s always fun when you pull off something at a time when everyone is at their cautious best.

It took a wee bit of planning.
1) Start a week ahead with posting some innane stuff like flowers in the office.
2) Proceed with absolute silence for the next five days. Post nothing. (which was the most difficult part). Get people thinking.
3) Sign up for an community project like Blog Mela and deliberately delay the posting.
4) Then, sculpt a heart wrenchingly honest looking post. (it took me three days to arrive at the final draft)
5) Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy as folks walk straight into the trap! 🙂

Happy April Fools Day, Fellas! Thanks in advance for taking it in the right spirit guys.

Thanks for the nice comments, emails, phone calls, & SMSes. It was an effort to control my snickers and laughter, but hey, love you for the really nice messages. Come closer, so I can give you a nice hug. !! 🙂