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Interview with NDTV

If there was any doubt that blogging is going mainstream, wipe that out. After the major newspapers covering it, it’s now the turn of the television channels.

Alaphia Zoyab,the NDTV reporter, is doing a story on blogging to be telecast on the program ‘India This Week’ to be telecast this Sunday between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

I took this photo as Alaphia was asking me the questions. She is a blogger herself and she blogs at It really helps that a blogger is doing this story ‘coz the questions were definitely the better ones I’ve faced.

I’m writing this blog post just as the cameraman was zooming into the screen. An example of live blogging!! 🙂

You should be seeing a greasy faced guy wearing a really faded shirt. You can’t miss me!! 🙂

I should be getting hold of the copy of the telecast and will try hosting it up here.

I’ve shot a few photos during the interview. Will post the pictures soon.

A big thanks to Anandhapriya from our corp comm team who’s been a major help organizing things around.

It was sort of like a deja vu. A couple of years back, Headlines Today did an interview with me on Blogging. They did shoot for a long time and ultimately, there were just a fleeting seconds that appeared on air. My expectations this time is really at ground level.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Excepting that I had to miss my colleague’s birthday bash. Looks like I might be the one getting the bumbs!!