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Talk on Corporate Blogging

I’ve been invited by Satyam Computers to talk to their select employees on Corporate Blogging. Thanks to Jammy for recommending my name.

I can call Satyam as my alma mater. Not too long ago, I was with Satyam Infoway (now Sify) which was part of Satyam Computers.

Satyam is getting serious about corporate blogging and are on the verge of launching something big internally. I’m not privy to full info yet but its good to see them embracing this medium.

I’ve taken quite a few sessions on corporate blogging and every time I try my best to add in new ideas and quote newer examples. I look at this as a new learning platform.

As always, I look upon your expertise. If you have come across any new instances of companies using corporate blogging successfully, kindly add them to the Corporate Blogging Wiki. This would be useful for a lot more other people reading this blog. Thanks in advance.