In General

Kurukshetra ’07 – Anna University’s Tech Fest

Looking at the website and the lineup of events planned, it looks like the event will stand up to once high reputation that the university stood for. For the folks who dig inter-collegeiate competitions, Kurukshetra promises to be four days of exciting competitions, workshops and presentation.

I’m a guest lecture at this university and I get an inside perspective of what’s going on here. Sometimes, I feel sorry because Anna Univ’s events almost always gets overshadowed and in reality pale in comparision to their bigger neighbour, the IIT Madras. Kurukshetra will be an event worth checking out to see how it stacks up against Shaastra, IIT Madras’ Tech Fest. I plan on attending a few events, especially the Business Plan competition and the guest lectures by Prahalad Kakkar and Gopal Srinivasan.