In The Kiruba Show

I just completed 25 episodes for ‘The Kiruba Show‘. Not bad. That’s a quarter of a century.

So, in a sort of a mini-celebration, I gifted it its own domain name. Actually, that’s just half the truth. The actual URL of the show is way too long. Try remembering this.. . Yeoww, thatsanunforgivablybloodylongone.

For those of you new here, ‘The Kiruba Show’ is where I get to interview key people in the Indian IT industry from the Software, Mobile, Internet and the Venture Capital space. Most of the folks I interview are CEOs or top management folks.

If you know of someone interesting who deserves to be interviewed, please do let me know at Kiruba[@] or leave a comment below.

Here’s a request. When you get the time, could you please listen to a few shows and let me know your frank opinion. I’m particularly interested in what you did not like and areas that need improvement. You can be brutally honest.

Here are a couple of recent interviews I’ll recommend. Listen to Sridhar Iyengar, ex-chairman and CEO of KPMG India. He’s been with them for 34 long years, mainly incharge of starting new businesses. He’s now an investor and sits on the boards of Infosys, ICICI, OnMobile and Rediff!

And there’s Pravin Gandhi who founded one of India’s first software companies, Hinditron. He successfully sold this to Digital Eqiupment Corp (which was later bought by Hewlett Packard) and made an enviable amount of money. He now plays the role of angel investor and has co-founded SeedFund. Recently, it got infusion of funds from the likes of Google and Sierra Ventures. Listen to Pravin Gandhi.

These will give you an inkling of what the show is about. If you like what you hear, you can subscribe to the RSS feed.