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Mobile Monday in Chennai This Sunday


If you are wondering why the heck are we holding a Mobile Monday on a Sunday, then you obviously don’t know about Chennai’s notorious weekday evening traffic. Sundays are good to have a relaxed meeting. We give it a related creative twist in calling it MMS.

What is a MobileMonday, you ask? Ok, here’s a quicky elevator pitch. Its a gathering of mobile enthusiasts who get-together to discuss technologies related to mobility. Get a bigger explanation here.

If you are in Chennai and are interested in the mobile space, you must be brain dead to miss this get-together. Add your name here.

It’s taking place at IIT Madras and here’s the full address.

TeNeT – ADI Seminar Hall
CSD Block, III Floor
Indian Institute of Technology – Madras

Date: May 6th, Sunday.
Time: 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM

MoMoChennai is a proud offering from The Knowledge Foundation stable. Yup, its the same team that brought Proto, BlogCamp, BarCamp, UnConference Book & WikiCamp to Chennai. The good thing is that there are many passionate folks in the team who are willing to take a lead in organizing these key events. Varun, the man behind FoneArena, is leading the charge for MoMoChennai. A good fit considering his passion in the mobile space.

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