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The Nerve Wrecking Visa Experience

How would you feel if you are in this situation.

You are one of the select folks worldwide to be invited to participate in the Creative Commons Summit at Dubrovnik, Croatia.

You receive full scholarship. Your flight, accommodation and food are taken care of.

Your flight leaves tonight, in a few hours time.

And here you are sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs and gnawing you teeth, because your Visa stamped passport hasn’t reached you yet!

Hear my story.

Two weeks ago, I flew to Delhi to apply for my Croatian Visa. The visa interview was a breeze. In fact, it lasted less than 2 minutes. All my papers were perfect : the invitation letter, the flight schedule, my e-tickets, bank balance, my office leave letter, and a very long visa application form with 40 questions duly answered.

Like I said, it took only 2 minutes for the interview. They asked me to pay the fees which I promptly did. And then, the bomb was dropped. It would take anywhere from a week to 20 days for my visa to be processed.


And so, I crossed my fingers hoping the visa would come on time. Days slowly passed by and the anxiety began to grow. Three days ago, I began to lose hope. It was demoralizing losing an opportunity to rub shoulders with the best minds in the world. I tried hard not to show the disappointment.

I began making plans for the week ahead. The best way to forget something is to immerse yourself in other interesting things.

Today afternoon, the courier guy knocked on my door with a packet that I had been envisioning it in my dreams : The passport with the Croatian visa stamped. Tonight is my flight and I receive the visa just hours before.

If there was an expression for joyous relief, you could have clearly caught it in my face.

A huge dollop of appreciation to Tomislav Medak, part of the organizing team at Croatia who tirelessly worked with the immigration authorities to speeden up the process.

It’s going to be an awesome event and I hope to bring back and share the spirit of free Internet.