In Books

I picked this up from the little shop at the Chennai Airport today. I normally browse through the book shop to kill time and usually think twice before buying any book. But this time, as soon as I saw this book, I picked it up.


Because it was only Rs.99. The very same pricing strategy that made Big Bazaar superstores a success. Lower the cost and make it up on volume. If the book had been priced the usual Rs.399, I would have given it the miss.

At the airport, after a cursory glance through the book, I headed straight to the chapter at the middle of the book. I skipped the first few chapters because they are just laudatory statements from Kishore Biyani’s friends. Read about it from Swaroop’s book review which came in quite handy.

It reminded me of the ‘Business Book Readers Club’ that me and a couple of journalist friends started a few years ago. Myself, Sankar – who used to be with Indian Express earlier and Ramnath from Economic Times would choose a business book each to read for the month. We would then meet up on a Sunday at the lawns of Loyola college and read out the synopsis and important learning from the book. By the end of the meeting, each one of us would have had the satisfaction of learning from at least three business books. Quite useful but we let it slide out. Gotto restart this meeting.

If you are interested in business books and want to be part of this small group, please email me at Kiruba at or call me at 98415 977444.