In Vacation

No laptops. No Emails. No Mobile Phones. No SMSes. No TV. I’m plugging off from the rat race for a week. I’m off for a little under a week. Until next Thursday, please do not expect me to return phone calls or reply to emails or even blog. Not only is my phone off, so is my wife’s & Dad’s. Time to play catch up with family and nature.

So, its a huge irony that I’m actually typing this from a cybercafe in Kodai. It’s a shame and I hate to do this but I could not post an update about my week long disappearance on my blog before I left Chennai. Damn blogger was down. I know people will check my blog first thing if they don’t hear from me. So, taking a quick exception. Now, to quickly wrap this post and get the hell out of anything near technology.

My vacation to Kodai would never have happened if not for Kountinya. About a month back, Kount, a good friend of mine and an ex-colleague, called me up to say that he has bought a new home at Kodaikanal and invited me to come stay at his place.

This home is a life long dream of Kount’s Dad. About 30 years ago, his dad missed a golden opportunity of buying a lovely cottage house which later, actor Gemini Ganesan, bought. Since then, it has been his ambition of buying a holiday home. He owed it to his family. Finally, a couple of months ago, they bought a beautiful little home at a gated community on top of a mountain, aptly called ‘Misty Mountain’. I can’t agree more with the name.

View from the cottage.

Children’s play area. My favorite place to plonk down and read ‘Shantaram’.

Look deep into the picture, beyond the children’s slide, to see the cottage.

The pictures from the website for their home at .

After lazing out most of yesterday, we ventured out a little today. I did not take along a digi cam and none of the pictures below are taken by me. I picked them off Flickr and I chose these because these pics came close to what I had witnessed on a beautiful cool day with the Sun and mist taking turns.

Rahul Matthan




See you next week.