In Home

I’m getting my home painted and the work started yesterday. I was tired of the same old mellow yellow and the baby pinks and this time I truly wanted to experiment. I wanted to try out colors that are different. I also wanted to two colors for every room. So, after mulling over the color card for a few hours I chose wine red and bright sunshine yellow for my bedroom. For the hall, I chose aqua blue and pigment green. And another combination that I duly forgot for the other room.

The color combination looked great in the color card. But once it got onto the walls, it was a disaster of mismash. It looked like living inside a giant kaleidioscope. The worst was my bedroom. A shocked visitor to my home described it best after seeing the horrid wine red color. He said it looked like a village butcher’s shop. I also realized the fact that dark colors not only makes the room gloomier but also makes the room look smaller.

I swallowed my pride and asked the painters to scrape out all the paint and paint them in different colors. This time I played it safe and chose light pastel colors for the entire house. Now, not only did I waste money on expensive paints, I also had to pay quite a bit to scrape out all the paint. Just for the record, I realized that scraping out paint is thrice as hard as painting it.

One thing is for sure. Never ever ask me for my advice on colors.