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CNN IBN is going to launch a new program called ‘Be The Change’, a program that aims to highlight initiatives taken up by citizens. They got to know about this small initiative that a small bunch of us have taken on promoting cycling to work amongst corporates, especially IT companies.

I have been cycling to work the past 8 years (On and off. Mostly On)and totally enjoy it. I remember when I worked at Tidel Park, one of the swankiest tech parks in the city, most would vie to drive big cars while a few bunch of us would cycle to work. We were the mavericks and loved the idea of being different. I would cycle from Virugambakkam to Taramani, a distance of 24 kms. Two Way.

A couple of days ago, Rohini Mohan of CNN IBN flew in from Delhi to shoot. The program follows the citizen journalism mode…which means that instead of a professional reporter covering the story, it is us who host the program. We also had to think of the script of the program and in what sequence we had to shoot them. I had never done such stuff before and it was interesting putting on the cap that professional broadcast journos do.

I had with me, Venkatesh Chandrasekaran, Head of Research & Development,Automotive at Satyam Computers. He is also the founder of Schools for India project and the brain behind the ICR on ECR annual cycling race from Chennai to Pondicherry. He is an avid cycling enthusiast and often cycles to work.

All of us got together at my home at around 9:30 a.m. We started shooting around my neighbourhood

They fixed a cordless mix onto me and made me talk about my experiences while I was cycling. I loved this part. Seen here is Satheesh, the official camerman from CNN IBN. This guy is amazingly professional and tried out various angles. This shot was taken by me when we were moving.

Seen here is Satheesh and Rohini tying the camera stand to the cycle handlebar.

Now, with the camera fixed to my cycle, Sathees does one final check. I was made to cycle around and talk into the camera. You should have seen the kind of attention it generated around the crowd.

The camera on Venky’s cycle.

You know you are a total geek (or a very busy head of dept) when you can’t resist checking mails between shoots.

The whole shoot lasted for over 6 hours. All this for a mere 4 minutes of actual air time. Amazing. I was impressed by the passion and the eye for perfection that the CNN IBN crew had. By the time we finished around 4:00 pm, we were ravenously hungry and headed to Karaikudi restaurant for a sumptuous meal.

The program should air on CNN IBN during mid November. Will update you on the exact date and time.