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For all you aspiring Video Podcasters and Short Film Enthusiasts, please thank your stars for FilmCamp is coming to Town.

FilmCamp is a two day event that’s meant as a platform for independent film makers and podcasters to learn about the process of film making: Direction, Screenplay, Storyboarding, Shooting and Editing. This page has detailed information on the nitty gritties of what you can learn.

It’s an awesome initiative and especially useful for struggling video podcasters like me. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting professional at video podcasting but constrained by many things. I’ve been longing for networking with fellow enthusiasts which prompted us to start the Tinker Meetups. Quite successful and should have seen more editions. FilmCamp is a far more advanced version of it. Take a look at all the press coverages.

The event is on 8th & 9th at Chennai. The exact venue hasn’t been mentioned yet. For me, the dates clash with a travel plan and I’m grinding my teeth. I missed attending both KAMP & FilmCamp Bangalore for personal reasons and would hate to miss the Chennai edition. Should work out an alternative.

Check out www.FilmCamp.TV, especially the page about the founders and you’ll know why it’s really worth it.